When you come to Australia there will be many things that are different to what you are used to at home.
The Australia Work Pack will help you with everything you will need from the moment you land in Australia, be it a Tax File Number or a superannuation account, to every other unthought-of issue…We’ve thought of it for you,

We have you COVERED


    Without one, you could easily pay 46.5% tax. We help you on your adventure and ensure you’re prepared before you even land.


    Australia’s retirement system will affect you. You will receive a free superannuation pack which will prepare everything you need to start work. Not only will you save countless hours, but you’ll also save plenty of money by understanding how the system works.


    The Australian tax system works differently to other countries in the world. Rather than paying thousands of dollars in tax, you will know what you need to do in order to save your hard earned tax money so you can put it towards enjoying your adventure.


    Licensing regulations across Australia can easily become a major hurdle. Whether you want to lay bricks, paint houses or pour a beer, you’re going to need the right license. As the licenses vary from state to state, we make sure to put you in touch with the right agency when you’re ready to work.

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Whether you’re heading to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or the Gold Coast, you will be in safe hands. At the end of the day, we want you to have a memorable experience.