How do I register my car? Do I need to register it in each state?

  • The registration process does differ slightly in each state so we recommend looking at the Transport website for the relevant state you are wanting to register your car in. The common elements are: Application for Transfer, Proof of Identity, Proof of residential address. The fees for registering your vehicle also vary on a state to state basis. If you move states to live then you will need to register your vehicle in the appropriate state.

Do I need car insurance in Australia?

It is optional but highly recommended; there are 2 options:

  1. Third Party Insurance (CPT): Covers your liability for damage of humans. This insurance is mandatory and is included in the price of your car registration. It doesn’t cover your car or the car of the other party – only humans! There are slight differences between the Australian States so makesure you check what is covered in the State you register your car in.
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance: Covers your car repair and repair of a third party vehicle as well. It also covers the theft of your car. It is not mandatory but is recommended as labour and service is very expensive in Australia. Even minor damage can cost you a lot of money! You can research the costs of car insurance, by clicking the link below: