Will I be able to use my phone in Australia?

  • You will be able to use your phone in Australia provided it is unlocked. If you continue to use your UK SIM card then you will incur international call and text costs which will result in an expenisve bill. We are speaking from experience!

Should I organise an Australian SIM card before I arrive in Australia?

  • We strongly encourage you to purchase the Optus Starter Pack ahead of arriving in Australia. This allows us to process all of your details before you arrive meaning you are online the moment you tocuhdown in Oz!
  • Additionally, you will receive your Aussie phone number the day before you arrive so you can share this with family/friends before your board the plane to arrive.
  • You can purchase your Optus Starter pack now via the link below link:

You can setup/order your Australian SIM card via the following easy steps:

  1. Buy the deal via the link below link:
  2. Recieve an email with your telephone number & Optus certificate. Please check your spam/junk inbox also.
  3. Show the email to the Optus store upon landing in Australia. There is an Optus store at every airport.
  4. They physically give you the SIM and you are up and running within 20 minutes!
    • Important note: please make sure your phone is unlocked prior to coming to Australia.

How do I go about getting an Australian SIM card?

The Optus starter pack costs AUD$40 and gives you the following:

  • Free calls and texts throughout Australia, back home to UK and 14 other overseas countries so you can go nuts calling family and friends when you are here!
  • 20 GB of data (10GB data dna 10Gb streaming to share all of your favourite photos with those back home
  • No lock-in contracts!