Travel Tips

Helpful travel tips in Australia

Follow these tips to make your travel around Australia safer and more comfortable.


  1. On your departure date, always call the airport to confirm your flight is on time as bad whether can change flight times dramatically!
  2. Drink plenty of water when flying or driving so that you don’t become dehydrated.
  3. Reduce the pain of ear popping on planes by sucking a lolly or chewing gum
  4. When travelling wear comfortable lose shoes so that your feet don’t swell.
  5. When driving long distances always stop every couple of hours to increase circulation!
  6. If your new in the city or town take a tour around town! (it will save hours of time reading travel guides)
  7. If hiring a car carefully check for dents and scratches and if any, insist the rental company takes written notes! ( this will save you a fortune in insurance)!


  1. If camping outdoors regularly apply insect repellents and only sleep with the window open if you have flyscreens to avoid insect bites!
  2. Always apply sunscreen especially if you are participating in water sports or outdoor activities! Sunburn is NOT fun!
  3. When swimming at the beach, always swim in a safe area (preferably between the safety flags, which are red and yellow)!
  4. If walking for long periods of time always pack plenty of fluids!
  5. Be careful of what creatures you are near Australia has some of the most venomous reptiles and wildlife in the world. (Always carry a first aid guide).
  6. If you are trekking at high altitudes make sure you give your body time to adjust to the thinning air and always carry adequate supplies!
  7. When in busy cities, collect a few public transport timetables so you can catch as much public transport as possible. It’s cheaper and often quicker than taxis and city driving!


  1. To safe guard your photos, take photos of your address or letter box of where you are staying, then if found you will have a better chance of getting them back!
  2. Avoid making long distance calls from hotels and land lines as it is expensive. There are many different phone cards available in Australia.
  3. Divide your money into cash, traveller’s cheques and credit cards and keep them in different spots in case you lose your wallet!
  4. If you need laundry services most cities have Laundromats where you can do all of your own washing!
  5. Before checking out check under the beds and in the cupboards, its amazing what people may leave behind!
  6. Late night shopping is different in most states in Australia – Ask locals for the hot spots!
  7. When travelling its always good to have all your numbers and addresses written down somewhere safe, just in case your phone gets lost!