Top 10 Places to See

Put these great places on you MUST SEE list


The Red Centre is made up of a three particular sites Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon.

Uluru is one of Australia’s most famous natural landmarks.

Uluru (also known as Ayres Rock) is a large sandstone rock formation, it stands 348 metres high and has a total circumference of 9.4km. Uluru is one of Australia’s most famous natural landmarks.

KataTjuta is 25km away from Uluru and is a similar rock formation. Here you can walk across the massive boulders and feel the magic of the Aboriginal dreamtime stories come alive.

The final part of this trilogy is Kings Canyon which is three hundred metres high and overlooks the slow running Kings Creek. Like the others its view and surroundings are just spectacular!


A visit to Australia would not be complete without a visit to our famous reef!

The reef is off the coast of northern Queensland and is the world’s longest coral reef spreading over 2,600km with approximately 900 islands, some of which you can visit (The Whitsundays is highly recommended!)

The reef is great for snorkelling and scuba diving, as the reef has so much wildlife including clown fish, manta rays, red bass, red throat emperor and even turtles!

There are always many deals on offer through different tour and charter companies. Head to the town of Ailie Beach and shop around for the best price!


Fraser island is a fantastic location and is believed to be one of the largest sand islands in the world and is spread out across 1840km. Most tours start at Harvey bay on the main land.

Once on this magnificent island take two or three days to experience what it has to offer; for example the beautiful champagne pool or the ship wreck of Maheno.

Fraser Island is a different island experience all together. Beware of the Dingos.


Barossa Valley is Australia’s most famous wine region and is only just over an hour’s drive from Adelaide! The Barossa has cool summers and rainy winters which makes it a perfect location for red wine.

Take in its stunning landscape and beauty whilst experiencing some of the best wineries such as Penfolds, Henschke, Seppelts, Torbrek and of course Yalumba!

Barossa Valley has also got some of the best gourmet produce in Australia a visit to Maggie Beers farm is a must!


Kangaroo island is Australia’s third biggest island, it’s a place of natural beauty and offers protection to a substantial amount of native Australian wildlife such as fairy penguins, sea lions, fur seals, heath goannas, koalas, wallabies and the list goes on.

It is home to around 4600 people, most of which are primary producers who farm the land and fish the wild seas. Kangaroo Island produces some of Australia’s finest gourmet foods. If a day trip is to short you will also find some of the best accommodation and reasonable prices!


On the edge of the massive Kimberly region is the town of Broome. With its cosmopolitan look and vibrant social life it is one of Australia’s most beautiful Holiday Destinations.

Broome is home to the famous Cable Beach with its soft sandy white beaches and stunning turquoise water it is a place to take time and unwind away from the busy hustle and bustle of cities!


Take a drive along the breath taking south west coast line of Australia. The road stretches 273km long and hugs the coastline for most of the way. It begins a Torquay which is a very popular surfing spot (if your game) and ends a Warrnambool which sits along the Hopkins River estuary. This drive is without a doubt one of the most memorable drives you will ever take, it is truly spectacular!


The Sydney Opera House is situated on the Sydney harbour at Bennelong Point and is considered by many to be one of the wonders of the world!

Tours are conducted throughout the building and run for 1or 2 hours which allows you to take in the amazing history and the life of it on stage and behind the scenes.

The Opera House is one of Australia’s most popular tourist spots as it is a true architectural master piece.


Byron Bay is nestled along the north coast of New South Whales. It is Australia’s most easterly point and its beaches and scenery are not to be missed.

Byron Bay is a unique town like no other; It is a carefree surf town with an amazing culture and thriving population! This town is awake with brilliant restaurants and bars, many things to see and do but most of all is best known for its earthy culture and wicked street life!


Surfers Paradise is the heart of the Queensland’s gold coast and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia!

Surfers paradise is where the beach meets the city and all that’s in-between it is the perfect fusion of beach lifestyle and city glitz! Surfers Paradise is a must visit, with an abundance of theme parks and family attractions, great restaurants and bars and of course some of the best accommodation situated right on the waterfront!