Welcome to Tasmania

This week we head off the mainland to one of Australia’s oft forgotten regions, Tasmania! This isolated island state is chalk full of parks and reserves and yes, it is home to the Tasmanian Devil. While the wilderness of this island may be its biggest attraction, there is still plenty to do during your time in Tassie!

Salamanca Market

Tasmanians are proud of the land they come from, and they are also proud of the work they do. A terrific example of this is at the Salamanca Market. Every Saturday the skilled individuals who actually create, make or grow their products will be there to share their passion with you. From crafts, to fresh produce, to live music, there’s something for everyone to be impressed by. The market is located at Salamanca Place in Hobart and takes place every Saturday, no matter the conditions. The market is Tasmania’s biggest tourist attraction as thousands and thousands come by each week. A terrific way to get immersed in the Tasmanian culture, come by during your time in Hobart.

Hostel of the Week
Arthouse Backpacker Hostel

For a great time in Launceston, Arthouse Backpacker Hostel is the place to be! This hostel is located in the heart of the arts district, there are heaps of activities nearby. Recently Arthouse has renovated to create an even better experience for all guests. This hostel is also the World’s first carbon neutral backpacker hostel! Be sure to visit Arthouse Backpackers when you come to Launceston, Tasmania!

Cradle Mountain

Part of the World Heritage Area, Cradle Mountain is a spectacular region to see what makes Tasmania so beautiful. You’ll be surrounded by glaciers, rainforest and vegetation you’ve never seen. Cradle Mountain is very accessible and this is a major reason it is so widely visited. Depending on how long you plan to be in the area, you can choose from short 20 minute walks to world famous six day treks. If hiking isn’t for you, there are tours available to take you by horseback or even helicopter.

Port Arthur Historic Site

Take a trip back in time to Australia’s convict past. At Port Arthur Historic Site, you will see the premises of a prison established way back in 1830. Despite being nearly two centuries old, Port Arthur is Australia’s most intact convict site and some say the most evocative as well. It is such a widely visited tourist destination as it holds much significance to the history of not only Tasmania, but Australia as a whole. There is plenty to see here and that is why the passes will provide you with a two day entry. Open every day of the year, Port Arthur will give you a glimpse into the fascinating history of this incredible country.