Superannuation – How It Works.

Superannuation is a Government regulated investment strategy aimed to provide an income once you reach retirement.
If you work during your stay in Australia and earn more than $450 per month, your employer will contribute 9% of your gross income into a superannuation fund.

Why is TW Super the preferred superannuation fund for travellers and backpackers

TW Super is one of Australia’s cheapest superannuation funds which means more money for you.

  • No commissions paid to financial planners
  • Investment options specially designed for people on short stay visas
  • Australia’s fastest superannuation refunds – usually paid to you in 2 weeks!

How do I join TW Super?

Joining is really easy. Simply click the link below and fill in a 2 minute application and you will receive your welcome pack via email.
Inside your welcome pack is a prefilled Superannuation Choice Form which you give to each new employer for all your future contributions.

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How do I combine my other superannuation funds into TW Super?

Simply compete the rollover form and fill in your personal details. We also need a copy of your driver’s licence or passport so please scan and email to us at

When can you claim your super back?

Once you have permanently departed Australia and your Visa has expired you will be able to claim your superannuation refund – called a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP)
Note: to claim a super refund you do NOT need to have been classed as a resident for tax. Anyone leaving permanently without the right to return can claim it back.

How long does a superannuation refund take and cost?

If you are a member with TW Super you can expect to have your money back in about 2 weeks.
Other superannuation funds take between 2-3 months so it’s wise to roll your money in your TW Super account before you leave to get your money back faster.
You refund is sent directly to your overseas address in the form of a cheque and the fee can be taken directly from your tax refund. We charge $110 for a basic superannuation refund regardless of your refund amount. Many other companies charge a percentage of your refund so they can be very expensive.
Click here to claim back your Superannuation

How much will I get back?

Superannuation funds charge you ongoing fees so we won’t know how much you will get back until we contact your superannuation funds.

For this reason it is important to remember the amount of superannuation shown on your payslips is not accurate. You money is also taxed 15 when it goes into the fund and 35% when you claim your refund so you will lose more than 50% when you include superannuation fund fees. The tax paid on your super is also non-refundable as it goes to the Australian Government.

If I claim my Superannuation refund can I come back to Australia?

The short answer is YES! We get this question a lot as many travellers hear the rumour that if you claim your superannuation you can’t get another visa in Australia. This is not true so if you have left, claim your superannuation refund and next time you are in Australia you simply open a new superannuation account.