Registrations to Work

Popular registrations needed to work in Australia

Many industries require specific licences to legally work and this changes from state to state. Simply choose the industry in which you want to work and where you want to work and we’ll put you in touch with the right agency.

So you are immediately employable when you land in Australia, it is a great idea to do the courses before you land as most can be done online.

RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol


If you are planning on doing some work during your stay in Australia then you will more than likely do some bar work or waitressing. Hospitality jobs are easily found all over Australia but do however require a licence to legally work in Australia.

Click here to learn more about the RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol course

RCG – Responsible Service of Gambling


Gaming Services – With this licence you can work in a casino or gaming pubs found all over Australia. A very popular course as pubs legally need a Gaming Officer so this licence is very handy for finding work.

Click here to learn more about the RCG – Responsible Service of Gaming course

White Card – Construction and Building Industry


Construction jobs are very well paying jobs in Australia but will also require you to pass a course to legally work. This course can be completed online and jobs can often be organised for you before you even land!

Click here to learn more about the White Card course

Fork Lift Driver


For this you will need a licence which allows you to work all over Australia and the training provided cover all forklift types.

Click here to learn more about the Fork Lift Driver course

RMS Traffic Controller – Blue Card


Traffic Controller – Constructions sites are found all over Australia as this is a major industry with all the resources being mines and new towns being developed. This course will provide training for to control traffic with a Stop/Slow Bat in New South Wales.

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First Aid Course


A very popular course and highly regarded by many employers in Australia. You will learn all the skills and knowledge required to assist with an injury, accident or emergency in day to day situations.

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