Welcome to Hervey Bay – Queensland

Welcome to the new Australia Work Pack email giving you top local tips for your travel and time in Australia. This week’s spotlight is on Hervey Bay – known as one of the best whale watching destinations in the world and also famous for its picturesque beaches and foreshore activities.

Whale Watching Tours

Hervey Bay has become known as the place to see the magnificent humpback whales play around. There are heaps of different whale watching tours offered in Hervey Bay.
Whale watching is a great way to have a fun, actioned filled day. As well, most tours will include a buffet on offer so you won’t worry about getting hungry as you watch these behemoths of the sea.
Humpbacks belong to the same group of whales as the Fin Whale, Sei Whale, Bryde’s Whale and even the Blue Whale. They are known as rorquals and they have two defining characteristics: dorsal fins on their back and ventral pleats from the navel area to the lower jaw. They have baleen plates which is what they use to sieve the krill they eat. Humpback whales regularly visit the coastal water in south Queensland.

Hostel of the Week
Woolshed Backpackers

With a bunch of awards to back up its reputation, Woolshed Backpackers is a premier spot in Hervey Bay. The staff here make it their goal to have a welcoming feel to the hostel and suit the needs of all those who come through. At Woolshed you’ll have a great location being right in the centre of Hervey Bay. The staff here will help you organise local tours, including the famed Fraser Island! Come see what makes Woolshed Backpackers a multi-award winning hostel.

Fraser Island

The World Heritage site of Fraser Island is just 15 minutes from Rainbow Beach. You can only access Fraser Island by 4WD and the vehicular barges operating out of Inskip Point. On the island you’ll get to enjoy rainforests, lakes and beach driving. The uninterrupted white beaches, colourful sand cliffs, freshwater lakes, ancient rainforests and crystal-clear creeks all contribute to what makes this a World Heritage Site. Fraser Island boasts the most complete sequence of coastal dune systems in the world and they are still evolving.

Top 10 deadliest animals in Australia

AUSTRALIA IS KNOWN FOR its dangerous animals. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Australia boasts the most deadly snakes in the world.
While sharks, spiders, and snakes get the majority of the headlines, it is the wide array of venomous creatures and predators that give Australia its notorious reputation.
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Watch a massive snake eat a crocodile in Queensland Australia…