Getting Around Australia

Travel Australia

Getting around Australia is easy at it offers so many different types of transport and all within reasonable price range suited to what you want.

Below is a list of the different types of transport so that you can make it to that perfect destination with ease!


Flying is one of the simplest and most easy ways of covering a large distance in shorter periods of time, you will spend less time travelling and more time sightseeing and experiencing the Australian culture. This is also a perfect way to travel if you’re only in Australia for a short period of time.

Australia’s domestic airlines are – Tiger Airways, Jet star, Qantas, Virgin Blue, Rex and there are also smaller companies for short trips to islands etc. The best part is these airlines have so much competition their flights are always on sale!


Australia has an amazing network of roads, all of which are maintained well. Driving around or through Australia will not disappoint. With routes that follow silent seaside towns and tropical hinterland. Or take a drive down our Great Ocean Road which follows the Victorian coast line with spectacular scenery. You will find many different budget car rentals or camper vans (check out our free stuff for vouchers) on line and in information and tourist centres.

Driving laws in Australia are strict and must be abided by. We drive on the left hand side of the road and our steering wheel is on the right hand side of the car. The maximum speed limit through built up areas (such as towns and cities) is usually between 50km – 60km an hour where as on our highways and some country roads the speed limit is usually 110km (yep that’s all!!!)

In order to be able to drive in Australia you must hold a valid overseas licence for the same class of vehicle.


Travelling Australia by Bus is comfortable and easy; they offer a range of comfortable seats reading lights air conditioning and a better view of the surrounding land!

Buses usually depart from all major cities and most towns (you can almost always find a link from one place to the next). Services are frequent and affordable some of Australia’s best coach lines are Premier, Greyhound, Murrays and Veolia.


Travelling the Australian country via railways is affordable, comfortable and a perfect way to see our beautiful country! Nearly all of the interstate and intra state trains link up to or major cities and regional towns. Train travel options range from budget to luxury and there are a range of different train passes on offer.

Australia also has set journeys such as the Ghan and the Indian Pacific both of which offer a unique and elegant way to see Australia’s diverse landscape. The great Ghan travels between Adelaide and Darwin taking in Australia’s arid red centre whilst the Indian pacific travel between Sydney and Perth stopping in at the historic and beautiful city of Adelaide!


The Spirit of Tasmania runs a passenger and vehicle ferry service between Melbourne and Tasmania Daily and extra services run during peak times such as summer. Other ferries include Sealink which glides between Adelaide and Kangaroo island and then there are the city ferries which cross extravagant waters such as The Brisbane river, The Swan River Perth and of course the world famous Sydney Harbour!


All of Australia’s capital cities have public transport services on offer and all of the information for these services are available on websites and locally in the cities themselves.