Welcome to Coober Pedy – South Australia

Welcome to the Opal Capital of the World! Aboriginals have long had ties to this area; however it wasn’t until 1915 that explorers actually discovered the precious minerals that lay beneath. Part way between Adelaide and Alice Springs is this quaint little mining town. This isn’t your typical mining town, however. A combination of mining culture and extreme temperatures has cultivated a very unique lifestyle in Coober Pedy.

Underground Homes and Buildings

Thanks to the mining lifestyle and extreme temperatures in the area, many in Coober Pedy have found underground living to be a more suitable way of life. This is an absolute must see during your time here. Underground, cavernous homes and shops are a unique a memorable sight for sure. Wandering the town is one way to see these underground spots, but actually staying in one is really special. There are also tours to give you insight into this underground way of life and the special history of some of these places. Definitely a fun experience that shows what makes this town so fascinating.

Arid Areas Tours

This highly personalised tour is sure to be a highlight of your time in South Australia. From two hours to three days, you’ll be able see as much of this untouched landscape as you choose. In modern 4WD vehicles, you’ll go exploring this vast region and its many beauties. Regardless of the tour you choose, you’ll get to see the outback in a very unique way while experiencing the changing colours throughout the day. Despite being photogenic scenery, you truly to need to be there to embrace the true beauty of this unspoilt area of Australia.

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