Welcome to Canberra – ACT

Welcome to the Capital of Australia! Situated between Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra has earned the nickname “bush capital”. This city was designed with a significant garden city influence. This led to vast areas of vegetation and greenery throughout the city – certainly a unique feature not seen in many capital cities of this scale. While the choice for Canberra as capital may have been a compromise between Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra has created a unique feel to it while still incorporating everything you’d hope to see in a capital city.

Parliament Buildings

What good would a capital city be if the Parliament buildings weren’t worth seeing? Canberra is home to an impressively modern parliament building that has been made to be the focal point of the city. This wasn’t always the case, however. Up until 1927, Melbourne housed Parliament. At this point, Canberra was decided to be the new home and thus a temporary parliament building was built. It wasn’t until 1981 that the current building was finally established. Well it was certainly worth the wait! What stands on Capital Hill now is a stunning building with an immaculate botanic garden to fit the theme of Canberra. Inside, the building only becomes more impressive. There are tours every day except Christmas and they are well worth it. The tour guides will be able to point out beautiful features of the building, while educating you on the fascinating history. When in Canberra, a visit to one of Australia’s most iconic buildings is a must do!

Snowy Mountains

Only a couple hours south of Canberra is where you will get all the action sports you can handle. As you’d expect from the name, this region has some incredible skiing in the right season. There a variety of different ski locations within the Snowy Mountains region to choose from. The most popular of these locations is Perisher, Australia’s favourite snow holiday destination. If skiing isn’t your thing, the Snowy Mountains have heaps of other activities to choose from. Mountain biking, to eco tours, to the Yarrangobilly Caves; you’re sure to find something incredible to experience at the Snowy Mountains.

Australian War Memorial

Originally opened in 1941 as a means of keeping records of the ongoing war, the Australian War Memorial was arguably the most impressive in the world. This is a truly spectacular memorial that does a wonderful job of commemorating all those involved in the wars Australia has been a part of. There are a variety of different exhibits detailing important history of Australia. The Australian War Memorial has done a terrific job of paying respect to soldiers who fought for Australia, and it is absolutely a worthwhile and meaningful way to spend time in Canberra.

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