Welcome to Bundaberg – Queensland

This week we take a look into Bundaberg, or as you’ll often hear it referred, “Bundy”. Bundaberg is located along the far east side of Queensland and is a popular stop while doing an east coast trip. While some may come to Bundaberg for farm work, you’ll see this city has so much more to offer!

Bundaberg Rum

An experience for adults to enjoy, Bundaberg Rum Distillery gives you a firsthand look at the production of rum. You’ll get the opportunity to see, smell and taste the production through a tour, sampling, displays and presentation.

The museum and merchandise shop are a great place to pick up memorabilia and are open to the public.

Groups of 15 or more require prior engagement. Please arrive 20 minutes early and ensure proper attire for visiting a factory facility. If necessary, tour notes are provided in most common foreign languages.

Hostel of the Week

City Centre Backpackers

When looking for work in the Bundaberg area, go no further than this working hostel! This hostel does a great job of fostering a family environment while you get your farm work done in the area. As you would expect from the name, this hostel is very close to the city centre to make your life even easier. With a reputation for cleanliness and friendly staff, there isn’t much more to ask for in your backpacker accommodation!

Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery has two gallery spaces both of which are vibrant and dedicated to providing arts and cultural experiences. Located in the heart of Bundaberg, the BRAG is easily accessible. Throughout the year there are various programs from: touring art exhibitions, workshops, guided tours, visiting artist talks, public outreach programs and much more.

With roughly 25 exhibitions per year, the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery proudly presents a diverse program of contemporary art from locals and from around the world.

Mystery Craters – a definite destination

Between Bundaberg and Gin Gin is one of Australia’s most perplexing occurrences – the Mystery Craters.

First discovered in 1971, these craters have caused debate, confusion and even conspiracy amongst its visitors.

There are 35 oddly shaped craters whose origin has been the topic of debate and numerous investigations – none of which have provided any conclusive theories.

A farmer originally discovered these craters in 1971 while out digging. The most intriguing characteristic of the crater is shockingly even distribution of red ochre. It looks as though it has been manufactured it is so precise. They can be viewed up close or from the viewing tower to give you different vantage points of the uniquely Australian mystery.

Botanic Gardens Attractions

Spend your day in the sub-tropical Bundaberg Botanic Gardens

With a variety of over 10,000 trees and shrubs, the 27 hectares of land are put to good use. Located on the city’s outskirts; the Botanic Gardens have a beautiful lake, picnic areas, wedding chapel, boardwalks, children’s playground and Japanese gardens all coming together to create one of Bundaberg’s most beautiful areas.

There are a variety of tourist attractions on offer here. There is the Hinkkler Hall of Aviation, The Australian Sugarcane Railway, Bundaberg Railway Museum, and the Bundaberg & District Historical Museum.

The Botanic gardens open at 5:30am-6:45pm from September to April and 6:30am-6pm from May to August