Welcome to Alice Springs – Northern Territory

Welcome to Australia’s most famous Outback location! Remote hardly begins to describe Alice Springs, as it is situated 1500km from the nearest major city. Don’t let the distance deter you as it is home to one of Australia’s most iconic spectacles!

Ayers Rock (Uluru)

Arguably the most recognisable natural landmark in Australia, Ayers Rock is a sight that you simply must see to believe. This impressive rock formation has important traditional meaning to the local Aboriginal tribes who have been in the area for 10,000 years. It is now a World Heritage Site due to its history and uniqueness. 350m higher than its surrounding environment, this monolith is absolutely incredible. While the sight alone is worth the price of admission, there are roughly 10km of walking paths to enjoy during your time at Ayers Rock. Depending on the time of day, Ayers Rock is known to even change colour. Despite being a few hours down the road, Ayers Rock is a sight to behold and is indisputably the must see attraction for your time in Alice Springs.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

For an attraction a little closer to Alice Springs, The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a special place that must be visited. Started by Brolga, star of Kangaroo Dundee, The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a 90 acre wildlife reserve devoted to Kangaroo well-being. Guests are constantly amazed by what Brolga has created and his passion for his life’s work is always evident. Enjoy a sunset tour and learn about the beauty as well as the necessary care for the red kangaroo.

Alice Springs Desert Park

Alice Springs Desert Park is dedicated to environmental education and is a great way to see native plants and animals of central Australia. There are different areas in the park each giving a unique perspective on the local environment. From Desert Rivers, to Woodland, to Sand Country and even Nocturnal House, Alice Springs Desert Park has central Australia’s plants and wildlife all on display. You can enjoy the park along the trail or take advantage of the heaps of shows and educational programs they put on.