Accommodation in Australia is very easy to find.accomodation

There are a vast variety of places to stay from five star hotels and resorts, apartments, motels, backpackers/hostels, caravan parks or you can rent your own unit or house.

Negotiating prices of accommodation in Australia is not common and may come across as rude as the prices are usually always set to suit the type of accommodation you choose. However there is no harm in trying!

Australia has a very high standard of accommodation and even the smallest and cheapest of rooms will always please any traveller.

Below are examples of the different types of accommodation in Australia:


In Australia hotels have nearly everything and range from the most extravagant five star luxury accommodation to gorgeous simple boutiques and you will always find something to suit you.

However be aware that hotel accommodation is billed daily and the prices are more expensive so this sort of accommodation is not ideal if you intend to stay for months on end!


Motels in Australia are just as common as hotels the difference is they are not as luxurious as hotels and are usually self catered and room only. Motels are also billed daily however they are much cheaper than Hotels.

The best part is motels are found in the most rural parts of Australia which is helpful for those trekking across the Aussie Outback.

Caravan Parks/ Cabins:

Caravan parks are widely spread throughout Australia especially along the coast line. You can either rent caravans, cabins or pitch your own tent!

Caravans are small self contained sleepers and usually sleep 2-4 people . Cabins are usually a much better way to go as they sleep 6-8 people at a time, they are quite spacious and usually have their own kitchen and bathroom. Caravan Parks are ideal for the laid back traveller who is happy to cater for themselves!

Farm Stays:

This is now quite a popular way of accommodation and a great way to experience real Aussie farm life!

You can choose the type of farm you want to stay at for example cattle, sheep, wheat, barley, cotton or even vineyards! If you choose to you are welcome to help out on the farm and experience the day to day life in the farming industry. Or if that does not interest you , your welcome to wander the acres upon acres of land and explore it’s amazing surroundings. The best part with farm stays is that usually your three meals a day are included in the accommodation and the food is always locally grown and produced with unforgettable flavours!

The owners of the farms are always welcoming and love to show you around and introduce you to their home. They will usually arrange to pick you up from town and take you out to their farms it is safe and there is information at most tourist centres and websites such as Take a break

Backpackers and Hostels:

In Australia this is the most common form of accommodation for travellers they are found in every city and nearly every town! Hostels are one of the cheapest forms of Accommodation, however still keep a clean and safe standard due to Australian regulations.

Back packers and Hostels are very multi cultural and a great way for you to meet fellow travellers and make new friends.

The accommodation can vary and usually you can choose what arrangement you want. There are dormitories which can sleep up to ten people (this is usually shared by other backpackers).

In some places there are individual rooms which you can stay in alone or with your friend or partner. Linen is supplied in some cases or you may have to use your own it just depends on the facility.

Hostels usually offer a great range of facilities including pools, pool tables, Cable television and they always have a great range of things to do and see in the area you are staying.

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